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Sustainable exhibition stand success

Display Solutions

When Woodlodge needed to find a sustainable solution for its largest exhibition stand to date for Glee 2022 – the international festival for all things garden, leisure and pet – it turned to Antalis.

Antalis recommended Xanita fibreboard, an engineered fibreboard made from recycled used cardboard boxes. With its reusable, recyclable and part recycled core, Xanita is a lightweight, high strength fibre board ideal for eco friendly decorative and structural applications, including point of sale, shopfitting and exhibitions.

The stand’s primary structure, comprising an 800 square metre wall system made entirely from Xanita fibreboard, was designed by Xanita and manufactured by the team at Woodlodge’s own dedicated print production suite, led by graphic and production manager, Steve Partington. Design and manufacture of the stand’s non-structural components were carried out by the Woodlodge team. For production, five further products from Antalis Visual Communications range of sustainable products were selected:

Libra Grey Centred Display Board – used to create ‘skirt’ wraps for the base of two of the stand’s display units, and to produce racking panels and shelf strips.

Katz Display Board – used to create ‘skirt’ wraps for most of the stand’s display units, and to produce product boards.

Coala Printbond – used for primarily decorative purposes, but to also hide carry holes on the large corner plinths.

Priplak – used to create robust product tags 50 x 80 mm in size – every product Woodlodge sells is pre-priced and barcoded. Priplak was also used for product backing cards on blister packs, chosen because of its outstanding print quality and weather resistance.

Coala Walk and Wall – printed with a brick effect and used to wrap large wooden plinths located on two of the stand’s corners.

Steve commented, ‘To be able to feel the texture as well as see it in the image is really cool!’

In total, the stand featured over 1800 square metres of printed and cut material and was a staggering four metres tall at its highest point, creating a showstopping presence.

Steve continued, ‘Using Xanita offered us a massive saving in production as well as the benefit of being sustainable. In addition to being able to reuse some parts of the stand at another show just two weeks after Glee, we could also recycle pretty much the entire stand into standard waste streams, practically eliminating landfill waste from the show, it also offered us a huge reduction in cost compared to the quote we received for a conventionally constructed stand – it was a brilliant result all round.’

Product manager for visual communications at Antalis, Paul Neale, commented: ‘There is no doubt that Xanita fibre board is the solution for production of sustainable exhibition stands. It is a remarkable material that, as well as being sustainable, is also cost effective when compared with traditional stand builds. We recently used Xanita to create our own Antalis stand, Sustainable Street, for which we have just won a top Platinum award at the World Exhibition Stand Awards 2022.’


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