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The Flow Group unveils Greener Mail: pioneering sustainable print solutions

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West Yorkshire based The Flow Group has announced the launch of a new brand, Greener Mail, to help businesses who want to make their marketing environmentally friendly with instant impact.

Greener Mail will be one of the few UK providers to offer large scale, national carbon balanced direct mail and leaflet distribution as well as carbon balanced packaging for ethical e-commerce pick and pack businesses using paper which has been responsibly sourced and has had all emissions associated with its production offset by the World Land Trust.

Flow Group, based in Brighouse, has created the offering for businesses who want to make an immediate positive impact on the environment and is in contrast to other initiatives such as tree planting, which take at least 20 years to offset emissions – too long to contribute towards the UK’s net zero targets of halving greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

Greener Mail has secured Carbon Balanced Printer status with the WLT, which means it can tangibly calculate and certify the CO2 customers will offset on their print jobs, alongside how many square metres of endangered carbon rich habitats they can protect and restore.

This simple yet impactful approach allows Greener Mail's customers to reduce their environmental impact while contributing directly to the preservation of endangered lands and biodiverse forests.

Flow head of sales and marketing, Andrew Robinson, said: ‘Environmental, social, and governance is becoming increasingly important for businesses and natural resource conservation and carbon offsetting is just one part of this.

‘Greener Mail will empower environmentally conscious brands to make an instant positive impact rather than investing in green measures, such as tree planting, which will offer too little, too late for our planet.

‘While planting trees is undoubtedly beneficial for the environment it takes about 20 years before a new tree will mature enough to begin sequestering carbon. However, halting deforestation ‍and protecting the forests at source, has an instant positive impact.

‘With the launch of Greener Mail, we are setting a new standard in the print marketing industry. We hope to not only establish ourselves as a leader in providing eco conscious solutions for businesses, but also demonstrate that becoming greener is easier than they think. Our goal is to empower our customers to make an instant positive impact on our environment.’

To support its dedication to environmental responsibility, The Flow Group has taken steps to align its own operations, achieving the prestigious environmental standard ISO14001 and investing in its buildings and machinery to reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption. It is also a committed member of SME Climate Hub and supports paper industry campaigning organisations, Love Paper and Two Sides.


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