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The natural material for food packaging

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Katz, a Koehler Group company, has developed a natural material that can be used as a basis for food packaging in the form of its Katz Food Board products.


Katz Food Board is made out of wood pulp board, a sustainable raw material that has left its mark on the company’s range of products and was originally used in coasters for the hospitality industry. From there, the uses for Katz wood pulp board have exploded, so that it is now used in an extremely wide range of industrial sectors.


Katz Food Board is a particularly high volume material that is based on wood pulp. The product can be used in a variety of ways, for example as pads for dry and greasy food, meaning all the way from pastries, fruit and vegetables, or for fish, meat, sausages and cheese.


The company’s wood pulp board is made exclusively with wood from sustainable forestry and regional sources. This wood comes from thinning, and is a by-product of forest management. In addition, the production processes are environmentally friendly throughout.


‘The all natural components in our wood pulp board make it one of a kind. In fact, customers can put food on our Katz Food Board without any worries. To put it simply, our product doesn’t contain any undesirable toxic substances that could make it into the packed product,’ said Katz managing director Jürgen Schulz.


The board is ISEGA certified for food safety, and it is 100% recyclable.



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