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The new Bobst Expertfold 110 A3 version is real time saver

Packaging Solutions

Bobst has unveiled a new, multi-purpose version of its Expertfold 110 folder-gluer offering greater versatility and unrivalled time saving benefits to packaging converters.

The Expertfold 110 A3 incorporates new integrated dedicated modules to produce crash-lock and four and six-corner boxes. With these modules, job changeovers, from one box type to the next, are simplified and made faster.

Pierre Binggeli, product line director folder-gluers, said: ‘Bobst is pushing production versatility and efficiency to an even higher level with this new version of the Expertfold 110. Set up times are reduced by a huge 80%, drastically shortening changeover times and optimising uptime, which is a great advantage when dealing with short run requests.

‘The Expertfold delivers a carton production speed of up to 450 metres per minute and when running four-corner boxes, it can produce up to half a million boxes per day! This is a superb machine in terms of performance and precision for the folding and gluing of all types of folding carton boxes, enhanced even further with the integration of dedicated modules.’

The company has continually innovated the machine over the years to ensure it meets the needs of packaging converters as the market evolves. The A3 version is the newest configuration. Until now, the range included versions for the production of straight-line boxes, crash-lock bottom and four and six-corner boxes. However, the same module is used for each box type and, as a result, changeovers may take longer because most of the tooling and conveyors need to be swapped out. With the Expertfold A3 version, the new dedicated modules simplify changeovers and, thus, reduce them significantly.

The Expertfold 110 enables an impressive number of box styles to be manufactured in a variety of materials. Over the years, Bobst has introduced innovative devices which enable operatives to simultaneously carry out in line processes. For example, the recently introduced Accucheck quality control system that supports the manufacture of zero fault packaging or the Gyrobox rotation device that enhances efficiency, flexibility and performance of the folder-gluer even further.

The Expertfold 110 can also be fitted with a range of peripherals to boost productivity further and create an automated, high performance folding-gluing line. These include the Easyfeeder/Batch Inverter 4 motorised pre-feeder and the Cartonpack 4 high performance packer. Thanks to these peripherals, the reduction in manual workload also improves the working conditions for the operator and will help avoid issues with repetitive strain injury and other work related health problems.

‘With dynamic and sometimes volatile market conditions, the Expertfold 110 brings both flexibility and quality to production lines,’ added Pierre. ‘The new A3 has been designed to make the operator’s job easier and quicker without compromising any of the performance and capability benefits. It is a win-win for our customers and their customers too.’


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