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The sound of paper: Lessebo Paper Player transforms texture into music

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Lessebo Paper has embarked on an innovative experiment, inviting Rördrom – one of Sweden’s most interesting artist duos – to explore one, slightly odd question: how do embossed paper patterns sound? The result is Lessebo Paper Player – a device translating the silent elegance of paper into a captivating sound experience.


We are familiar with how paper feels – the soft fragrance of wood and the rich expression of deep dyed colour. But what about its sound? How do different textures affect the auditory qualities of paper? Nestled in the deep forests of Småland, the company has moved beyond the visual and tactile, transforming the textures of its premium paper into immersive soundscapes.


‘We produce our paper in the deep forests of Småland, Sweden. As you might understand, it is pretty quiet around here. Maybe that is why we wanted to explore the sound of our Lessebo Texture collection,’ said CEO Jens Olson.


Sound artists Jesper Norda and Kristian Berglund from Rördrom designed The Paper Player specifically for this experiment. The device translates the landscape and variations of the paper surface into sound waves. Crafted from production spill wood, Lessebo Paper Player brings every bump and irregularity to life, creating a unique signature for each texture.


‘This experiment has opened up a fascinating new dimension to our understanding of paper, the sounds we have uncovered are reminiscent of nature itself, offering a soothing, almost meditative experience,’ said Kristian Berglund of Rördrom.


The Paper Player creates a ‘green noise’, similar to white noise but is inspired by nature. The audio is calming and meditative yet sometimes energetic, like the sound of flowing water. For those curious about this sound experiment, three tracks created from the paper structures are now available on Spotify – or see below – allowing listeners to experience the unique sounds.


The Paper Player has been developed with Swedish branding agency F&B Happy.


‘Lessebo Paper is a boutique mill producing some of the world’s most climate friendly papers. By exploring other qualities of the paper through our senses, we wanted to highlight the craftsmanship, sustainability and quality that define Lessebo Paper,’ said Maria Glansén, design director at F&B Happy.



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