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Ultimate Impostrip 2022.1: Futureproofing imposition performance and scalability

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Ultimate TechnoGraphics has announced the release of Ultimate Impostrip version 2022.1. This release is an important milestone in the history of Ultimate Impostrip as it marks the end of the transition of functionality from the old ‘legacy’ solution to the new ‘next generation’, which is native 64 bit, with a modern and efficient architecture geared towards performance.

This release also integrates the latest v18 Adobe PDF Library which includes many improvements and fixes. Ultimate works to ensure all Impostrip customers can continue to depend on rock solid PDF processing and output with even the most challenging PDF files. With this new version, the Scalable customers now have the option to run Ultimate Impostrip as a Windows service for improved application management. They can also enjoy an improved Job Manager interface for an improved job overview and job management with more job split details and progress, as well as major processing speed power and efficiency. Users can also get live status from the different Imposition servers through an easy to use API allowing for more connectivity and remote production insight. The Ultimate Imposition Control Language has been enhanced with a series of customer requested options for seamless integration and imposition control from upstream systems. As well, the easy to use XML for Redirection functionality has also been extended in order to empower automation capabilities for print providers worldwide. The 2022.1 version now also includes an updated feature set for a variety of finishing devices. ‘This new version marks an important step in the future of Ultimate Impostrip,’ said Andrew Bailes-Collins, head of product management at Ultimate TechnoGraphics. ‘As we move forward, in future releases we will focus on delivering exciting features and innovations to help our customers to further integrate and automate their imposition, bindery and finishing.’ Ultimate Impostrip version 2022.1 is available now.


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