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WTTB’S rockstars get a summer bonus!

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Members of a leading print company’s bonus scheme are being given the chance to stack up some discounts, thanks to an exciting summer promotion.

Digital platform, WTTB, gives customers monthly points based on spend, which entitles them to a range of special benefits, including discounts on future purchases.

And now for the first time, the company is allowing those who are part of the Rockstars’ programme to buy points – in effect giving them a deal on any items they buy before 1 September.

The scheme is being launched today (28 July) and will only be operating for two weeks until 11 August, with buyers allowed to purchase points over the period, up to a maximum spend of £5000.

For every 250 points purchased, the user will save 5% on their order, rising to 10% for every 1000 points and above, making a possible saving of as much as £500.

Visitors to the site can buy the points in much the same way as any other items and they then have them ready to use on any purchases they make before the September deadline.

The Rockstar scheme has been a great incentive for WTTB customers, with the benefits ranging depending on the level of spend.

Clients can go from ‘Aretha’ – where buying items for £500 plus gives £30 worth of loyalty points and a free artwork with a combined savings value of £80 to ‘Elvis’ – where a monthly spend of £5000 plus results in a saving package worth £775 in savings and services.

The summer promotion is aimed at helping customers at what can traditionally be a quiet time of year, allowing them to make discounted purchases throughout the whole of August.

‘Our aim is to give our resellers some support during what is often a slow month,’ said Gary Peeling, CEO of WTTB.

‘It gives them the opportunity to spread their purchases throughout August that they might be making later in the year and to benefit from a substantial discount.

‘It is just the latest in our on-going commitment to helping our customers whenever possible.’

All of the details on the promotion and the terms and conditions are available

outlined on the website.


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