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Xsys introduces faster troubleshooting with Flexo Solution Finder

Flexo Solutions

Xsys has launched Flexo Solution Finder, a new online tool which helps printers and platemakers find solutions to help them optimise production and increase overall equipment efficiency (OEE) in the pre-press department and in the pressroom. Tailored to each market segment, Flexo Solution Finder will guide users to the optimal printing plate or combination of plate, equipment, and surface screening software, from the comprehensive Xsys portfolio.

‘We have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in all areas of flexo printing for labels and packaging production. With Flexo Solution Finder, we want to openly share all this information with our customers to make their life easier and their operations more profitable,’ said Simon Top, product manager. ‘Each market segment has its own challenges and we have developed solutions to deal more efficiently with these. By visiting the website, users can find the best matching printing plate; combination of plate, equipment, and software; or advice for their specific problem in just a few clicks.’

The tool guides users through a series of simple steps. First, they choose their active segment(s): flexible packaging, tag and label, corrugated pre-print or corrugated post print, before identifying themselves as a printer (with or without in-house platemaking) or as a repro house/trade shop. Once that has been established, the next step is to choose the ink type and then the substrate, before homing in on the specific area of concern, whether it is costs, print quality, productivity, or sustainability (including health and safety).

Customers can find the answer to a plethora of problems, such as how to avoid plate swelling, ink filling and trail edge void; reduce press downtime or avoid waste caused by dirty highlight dots; minimise complexity in the process overall; improve sustainability by eliminating solvents; lower ink and plate waste; improve productivity and efficiency, and much more. If the issue requires more in-depth analysis, individual technical questions can also be submitted directly to Xsys via the Flexo Solution Finder.

‘Flexo Solution Finder was developed as part of our strategy to offer open and flexible solutions that provide customers with the ability to differentiate themselves cost effectively. It addresses the real life challenges faced by our customers in the packaging industry every day and allows them to find the perfect Xsys product or product combination to solve their problems,’ explained Simon.

He concluded, ‘We already know from the popularity of the Xsys Product Selector that customers appreciate the immediate access online tools can provide. Flexo Solution Finder is the next logical step, as we endeavour to bring flexo out of the dark shadows of the past and into the bright lights of the future. And it is another great example of how Xsys supports customers to achieve brilliant results.’

Flexo Solution Finder is free to access and can be found by following this link.


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