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XSys launches guide of best practices in the use of washout solvents for consistent plate quality

Flexo Solutions

Common quality issues associated with washout solvents in flexo plate making is the topic of a new technical paper by XSys. The insightful guide which is entitled ‘XSys washout solvents 101 – how can washout solvents contribute to consistent plate quality?’ examines some of the often heard myths surrounding the washout process and explains the adverse effects the incorrect use of washout solvents can have on the final print quality.

The guide highlights the importance of maintaining the right balance of components in the special type of solvent, such as nylosolv A, used in flexo plate making systems. If this part of the process is neglected, the effectiveness of the washout is compromised and numerous issues with the print quality can occur, including so called rice grain effect, register problems, or missing halftone dots. As well as providing solutions to some of these common problems, the new guide also explains the history of nylosolv, which was the first chlorine free washout solvent on the market, and the science behind each of its components.

‘We are always keen to share the vast pool of knowledge we have amassed here at XSys to help our customers maximise productivity, guarantee high quality, and reduce plate waste,’ said Simon Top, product manager nyloflex. ‘This new technical guide is another great example of how XSys, as a leading supplier to the flexo industry, not only provides best in class solutions, but also delivers more value so our customers can produce brilliant results.

‘As we conclude in Washout Solvents 101, not only does correctly adjusted washout solvent ensure that the best plate quality is produced, it also helps to increase equipment efficiency and longevity which will result in significant cost savings, higher productivity and more sustainable production,’ said Stephan Reis, global strategic marketing director.

The guide is freely available in multiple languages and can be downloaded here.


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