Coca-Cola and Ioniqa to transform hard to recycle plastic into food grade PET

Green Solutions The Coca-Cola Company has announced a new agreement extending a loan to Ioniqa Technologies to facilitate the development of Ioniqa's proprietary technology to produce high grade, recycled PET content from hard to recycle PET waste. The agreement is designed to accelerate the development and deployment of high grade recycled content PET for use in bottles used by The Coca-Cola Company. This investment supports the company's global vision to work toward a World Without Waste, which includes a goal to create packaging made of at least 50% recycled material by 2030. The new technology supports the circular economy for plastics by allowing packages such as coloured PET bottles th

Danone join Ecosurety to boost recycling traceability

Green Solutions The UK arm of global food and beverage company Danone has signed a three year deal that will see Ecosurety manage its packaging waste recycling obligations in the UK, ensuring the highest possible standards of transparency and traceability are adhered to. The new partnership will also help activate investment into recycling innovation and education, helping to build UK capacity and contribute towards developing a circular economy in the UK. Danone is one of the world’s largest food and beverage producers and recognises the impact that it can have through its commitment to reducing and recycling its packaging waste. It currently recycles more than 80% of its used packaging and

Ritrama launches Eden

Packaging Solutions Ritrama has launched Eden, a natural paper specifically for the labelling of wine, spirits and beer. What makes Eden particularly innovative is its environmentally friendly composition: it is composed of up to 50% dried grass fibres and the remainder of pure virgin cellulose fibres. The label has to convince consumers to buy a bottle of wine. The label must interpret the wine's personality, story, quality, taste and fragrance. Eden inherently transmits the values of a natural, healthy, organic and environmentally friendly product. It will be one of the flagship products of the next ‘Wine, spirit and craft beer label collection’ labels and films (the new catalogue, complet

Close Brothers Asset Finance funds environmental packaging start up

Packaging Solutions Close Brothers Asset Finance has provided start up funding for Transcend Packaging, a Wales based packaging firm focused on sustainable paper based packaging – including straws – digital printing and biodegradable paper cups. The firm has already seen impressive growth in only a short space of time, with deals signed to supply paper straws to some of the UK’s leading fast food and coffee chains including McDonald’s, along with major distribution companies servicing the hospitality sector. The company is now seeing extensive demand across Europe and North America and is in the process of growing to a target of 200 employees by the end of 2021. ‘We are delighted to once aga

Warren’s trio of Christmas gifts

Print Solutions Warren has created a range of items for Christmas – a personalised desk calendar, a wall planner and gift labels for its customers. Around a third of the A5 desk calendars have been personalised with customers’ names inserted into the image. The remaining calendars were also personalised with ‘Warren’ inserted into the image, adding a further touch for customers to appreciate. In total some 1500 calendars have been printed, with the aim being to demonstrate the fantastic print qualities of the products used. The front cover of the A5 desktop tent card calendar was printed on an Indigo 12000 digital offset press. The calendar base was printed on a Heidelberg Speedmaster XL106-

GMG Academy presents workshop programme 2019

Print Solutions Colour management expert GMG has revealed next year's training programme. The portfolio has been restructured to fulfil customer needs even better. The two to three day workshops provide valuable first hand expert knowledge in order to ensure economic processes and high quality results. The GMG Academy provides practical customer training to improve rentability of hard and software investments. The new 2019 programme includes: Colour management and standardisation From April 2 to 4 GMG provides broad knowledge in colour spaces and spectrophotometry. Participants will learn all the important aspects about standardization and proofing. Digital printing – Process control and pro

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Christmas Solutions Christmas fun: fact 9 The first 'Christmas' was celebrated on December 25, AD 336 in Rome. It’s a cracker! What do you get when you cross an archer with a gift wrapper? Ribbon hood! WIN! WIN! WIN! Don't forget to enter our fun Printmas Greetings competition for a chance to win some fabulous goodies. Enter by clicking here

Hop-Syn Go now recommended for leading digital printers and LED offset presses

Print Solutions Hop Industries has announced that its Go grade is now recommended for all leading digital LED inkjet printers and LED offset presses. Initially designed exclusively for the HP Indigo digital press, Hop-Syn Go is suitable for a broad range of wide and narrow format presses. Customers can use Hop-Syn Go for a variety of durable applications which range from menus, ID cards, point of sale signs, retail tags, prime labels, book covers, and much more. Hop-Syn Go is a cost effective alternative to printing on other top-coated plastics or laminated paper substrates. ‘We are broadening the market for Hop-Syn Go because it prints with great adhesion, definition and colour resolution o

Metsä Board invokes the power of storytelling to promote the T2 Christmas tea range

Packaging Solutions Following the success of the T2 2016 and 2017 Christmas tea ranges, Metsä Board has once again helped develop attention grabbing packaging for the T2 2018 Christmas gifting range. Working closely with T2 Metsä Board’s design team created a variety of different packaging solutions including a cracker shaped box, mulled wine tree decoration boxes and a wonderful 12 Days of Christmas Tea Advent Calendar. For such a prestigious packaging project the choice of paperboard was critical. By specifying MetsäBoard Pro FBB Bright, T2 was able to achieve a premium look as well ensuring that all the packaging was lightweight, safe for food contact and had excellent sensory and hygiene

X-ray models ideal for large items

Packaging Solutions Ishida Europe has extended its range of x-ray inspection systems with the launch of two models specifically designed for larger size products and pack formats. The new IX-EN-5592 and IX-GN-5523 can detect a wide range of foreign bodies in large and heavy products, both packed and unpacked, such as transit cases and blocks of cheese. Their high capacity inspection chambers – 550 mm wide and 270 mm in height – are perfectly suited to the Euro standard 600 x 400 mm cases and crates and are able to handle products with weights up to 25 kg. Both models incorporate Ishida’s patented GA (Genetic Algorithm) technology that allows users to optimise their x-ray machine for their ow

Heidelberg research facility: open for innovation

Print Solutions Heidelberg is setting new competitive standards in the global printing industry. By opening its new Innovation Centre (IVC) at the Wiesloch-Walldorf headquarters in Baden-Württemberg, the company is stepping up its efforts to maintain its technology leadership and shape the digital transformation process in the printing sector. In addition to securing numerous jobs, the new Innovation Centre also substantiates a recent analysis published in October by the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Geneva, which concluded that the innovative capability of Germany is superior to any other country in the world, including the United States. Only by investing over 100 million euros in research

API Group invests in new Amsterdam foil facility

Print Solutions API Group has relocated its Amsterdam distribution facility to Segro Park Amsterdam Airport, creating a distribution hub to better service regional customers. The 1700 square metre warehouse and office space, located next to Schiphol airport, will provide the company with a site from which it can distribute its whole foil product range to its European customer base. Following the acquisition of Amsterdam Metallized Products (AMP) in 2016, API Group has successfully transitioned the manufacturing of coating and laminates products previously located at AMP, to other API sites in the UK and Dunmore sites in Germany. The new Amsterdam site will act as a hub for the company’s foil

Stora Enso makes an environmental investment in Sweden

Green Solutions Stora Enso is to invest €22 million at Skoghall Mill in Sweden in an expansion of the existing water treatment plant. Increased capacity and new, modern technology will enhance the water treatment process at the mill. This will reduce the environmental impact of the operations and help to meet future environmental requirements. In the water used in the production of cartons, small particles of wood fibre remain. By expanding the plant, the separation of sludge is improved, which in turn improves the quality of the water that is returned to the near by Lake Vänern. The sludge can also be used as biofuel. ‘We always strive to use as much of the wood as possible, to find new use

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Classic Colours offers waterless offset inks for virtually any application

Print Solutions Toray Graphics has reported that UK based Classic Colours has transitioned virtually all of its ink production from conventional oil based offset inks to more environmentally sound UV curable waterless offset inks. The company occupies a 5000 square foot facility operated by eight employees plus the management team. The company produces about 70 tonnes of ink annually. ‘Back in 1989, as my employment with an ink manufacturer was coming to an end, I was approached by a Swedish company representative who arrived with a box of waterless inks from Japan,’ explained David Grey, managing director. ‘I was intrigued by the idea and suggested to my employer that we conduct a developme

Role changes at Dantex

Packaging Solutions Dantex has announced that Andy Abbott has been appointed director of operations at Dantex. Andy officially transitioned from the position of UK sales director in October and has since ensured the full and efficient transfer of part of his past responsibilities to his colleagues. During his past 17 years at Dantex he has been involved with letterpress as well as flexo products and, lately, with sleeves and the Dantex Pico range of digital presses. It has also been announced that Simon Cosh has been appointed to head up the Dantex Relief Plate Division. Simon will now be responsible for the development of our consumable business and will also continue in his role of busines

One 3D printing technology to rule them all!

IndPrint Massivit 3D has announced that Academy Award winning design studio and manufacturing facility, Weta Workshop, has installed a Massivit 1800 3D printing solution at its Wellington, New Zealand based premises. The company is recognised for its work on blockbuster films such as The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit motion picture trilogies, Avatar, King Kong, Ghost in the Shell, and Blade Runner 2049. The installation of this Massivit 1800 was made possible by local Australian and New Zealand distributor, Stick on Signs. Richard Taylor, Weta Workshop co-founder, CEO and creative director, said: ‘We manufacture super sized, hyper realistic human figures, creatures, vehicles, and other hu

Cepac continues to pioneer innovation with senior appointment

Packaging Solutions Cepac has appointed a head of innovation to further develop pioneering new technologies to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing market and the new opportunities presented for paper packaging in particular. Appointed to the newly created role, Roger Thomson brings many years experience, following previous commercial and sales roles across the printing and packaging industry. He will work closely with group sales and marketing director Steve Moss to implement strategies towards key innovations, introducing new, sustainable and highly innovative products utilising the latest technologies. Cepac’s commitment to innovation has been the key platform for its successful grow

URC reduces waste and improves performance by upgrading Atlas CW960AP

Packaging Solutions Following recent conversations with the upgrade department of Atlas Converting Equipment, URC Film Division decided to upgrade irs two Atlas CW960AP slitter-rewinders. The two original Atlas machines were supplied in 1996 and 2002 and have delivered solid, reliable performance since they were commissioned. However, due to improvements delivered by the upgraded film production plant the two slitter-rewinders were running at maximum capacity to keep up with the increased film production, so a decision was taken to upgrade both machines. With the replacement of the now obsolete original AC drives, upgrading the winding method and adding anti-static bars, the machines are now

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Christmas Solutions WIN! WIN! WIN! Don't forget to enter our fun Printmas Greetings competition for a chance to win some fabulous goodies. Enter by clicking here Christmas fun: fact 8 All that it takes for it to be officially a ‘white Christmas’ is a single snowflake falling in the 24 hours of 25 December on the rooftop of the Met Office in London. Not quite the greetings card image we all imagine! It’s a cracker! ‘My Christmas decorations are inflatable. I’m forever blowing baubles!’ Tim Vine.

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