MX Display supports poetry drive to raise awareness of mental health issues

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Large format graphic and signage specialist MX Display is supporting an event at London’s City Hall aimed at showcasing the creativity of people who have experienced mental health problems.

It is lending its support to Healing Words, a poetry competition organised by London based charity The Advocacy Project in partnership with Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust and the University of Westminster.

The competition was open to people with mental health problems and their carers, who were encouraged to write and submit poems charting their journey from the darkest days of mental illness to the point of recovery, and all the stages in between.

More than 300 submissions were received.

Derby based MX Display supported the event by supplying 20 high quality freestanding printed recyclable cardboard displays, which were used to display the submitted poems at the event. Each panel was 1180 x 2000 mm tall and made from materials certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

Sales and marketing director Dave Lister said, ‘As a responsible business, we are passionate about putting something back into the communities we serve, so were delighted to support this event.

‘Mental health touches many people, from those who experience it to their families and friends, so anything we can do to help raise awareness and break down the barriers which surround it is a good thing.

‘This event was a challenge to pull together as we were restricted on what we could and couldn’t do with the space we had available.

‘Using the most environmentally friendly materials possible for this project was an essential component for us, as they were used for only a very short period of time.

‘Our team, as usual, came up with some really innovative, eye catching displays to do some of the really moving, profound and creative submissions justice, so it was great to be involved.’

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