Coated fine paper from Feldmuehle now with processing advantage

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Feldmuehle Uetersen now offers its coated fine papers with improved features for the converting process: the paper, with a grammage up to 250 g/m2, can now be folded without prior creasing. In the future, the expansion of the portfolio will also provide printers with a broader range for a variety of end uses. Printers can now benefit from an innovation in the Exceo basis weights range of 170 to 250 g/m2.

The product characteristics have been optimised so that the printed material no longer has to be prepared for folding. The processing step of creasing is usually necessary with grammages starting at 170 g/m2 to minimise the cracking of paper and inks on the folding lines. ‘The further development of our paper allows printers to save an additional working step,’ explained Marcus Weise, who is responsible for the Graphical Options business area at Feldmuehle.

‘With our graphic products we want to provide printers with a varied and high quality portfolio. We will expand our product range, enabling us to offer a broad product range for standard and high end applications,’ added Marcus.

Free of charge samples can be requested by e-mail: sales@feldmuehle-

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