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Barbieri electronic has its finger on the pulse in colour management. This has led to the launch of the Spectro LFP.

The new product offers greater flexibility – thanks to the spectral unit, the Spectro LFP detachable measuring head, which delivers reliable spot measurements. The measured colours are visualised instantly in the touch display while the spectral values are forwarded to the computer via wi-fi or USB for further processing. Above all, the international technical laboratory can guarantee colour measurement with extremely precise results with its new ‘qb’ technology. The system comprises an ultra precise spectral core, three light sources for uniform illumination of the media surface from three different angles, and seven LEDs per light source for real M1 daylight illumination pursuant to the standard. That makes the Spectro LFP qb, with its portable measuring head, an absolute must for many customers including all businesses that work in conformity with M1 and are committed to an uncompromising standard of quality.

‘The detachable measuring head was one of the enhancements most frequently requested for the Spectro LFP Series 3. We have implemented it in the Spectro LFP qb so that users can now enjoy absolute flexibility – with an automatic spectrophotometer that delivers the ultimate in precision on all materials plus a flexible manual spectrophotometer for measuring and comparing spot colours on a wide range of materials,’ said Wolfgang Passler, vice president international sales and marketing, Barbieri electronic.

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