KDX resolves scuffing issues with its Premium anti-scuff laminating film

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KDX has seen a big increase in customers using its premium Anti-Scuff laminating film due to its excellent anti-scratch properties.

The BOPP matte thermal laminating film with a luxury matte surface is widely used by print finishers, converters and book producers. However, it can be scuffed easily in the post laminating process, such as cutting, creasing, gluing and binding as well as during the transportation of the product or at the customer location. This can often severely impact upon the final presentation and image quality.

To resolve this issue, KDX has developed a 31 micron Premium Anti-Scuff BOPP Matte thermal laminating film that offers excellent scuff resistance properties whilst giving a luxurious feel and a perceived increase in product value.

The Anti-scuff Matte thermal laminating film has a luxurious smooth matte finish that minimises glare whilst preserving image colour. This e film is four times more durable than an uncoated matte polypropylene. The product has excellent resistance to tear and elongation and is ideally suited to UV spot varnishing, foil stamping as well as screen printing.

It has a strong adhesive bond strength and its consistent adhesive layer enables a quick turnaround, faster set up times, lower energy consumption, less waste and overall ease of processing. From both a working environment and end user perspective this product is non toxic, tasteless, benzene free and does not produce any gases or dangerous substances during the lamination process.

It is ideally suited to perfect binding, book covers, magazines, flyers, paper bags, maps and promotional material for example, cosmetic boxes, gift boxes, pharmaceutical and point of sale.

Michel Diruy, general manager KDX Europe, commented: ‘The superior scratch resistance coating surface of our Anti-Scuff matte film is resolving handling and scuffing issues. KDX has seen a growth of sales in the last year where customers have upgraded their end users from a Standard Matt film to Anti-Scuff Matte offering an improved finished product that looks better for longer whilst increasing product and brand value for their customers. And with both sides corona treated it is ideal for both digital and offset produced prints.’

KDX has direct routes to market in the UK and Europe and is supplying printers, finishers and converters directly in these areas. It has European warehousing and logistics set up for next day delivery within the UK.

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