Young Writers wins an Education Resources Award 2018

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Young Writers has won Education Resources Award 2018 for its Stranger Sagas Competition Resources.

Its secondary school creative writing pack, Stranger Sagas, won the ‘Marketing Campaign of the Year’ beating well known names such as Scholastic and the Open Study College.

The judges said, ‘The marketing campaign that promoted these educational resources and accompanying competition from Bonacia, seemed to have an organic relationship with the product in identifying and marketing the creative process at the core of the project. Measurable appeal of the campaign to young people and their teachers.’

‘Measurable appeal of the campaign to young people and their teachers’ has really struck a chord with Young Writers, which has been running competitions and publishing children and young adults’ work since 1991.

Lynsey Evans, marketing manager, said: ‘We have created a world where passion, imagination and creativity are at the heart from staff as well as the schools and students who enter our competitions. We provide a platform and purpose for students of all ages and abilities to write, igniting students’ imaginations and supporting teachers with amazing, free resources. This is an incredible achievement for us, it has taken years of hard work, not giving up and believing in what we do, we are so proud!’

Stranger Sagas invites students aged 11 to 18 to write a mini saga, a form of constrained writing where a story is written in just 100 words, inspired by eight tantalising story starters. The competition has been a hit with teachers and students, with over 28,000 entries received during the autumn term from across the UK.

This award means Young Writers’ parent company Bonacia Ltd has now received five awards in the last three years and plan to continue on marking a mark in the printing industry.


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