Andesign installs Massivit 1800 3D printing solution

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Andesign UK, a specialist in large format digitally printed graphics and signage, has installed a Massivit 1800 3D printing solution in a bid to double its turnover to approximately £8 million in the next five years.

The Birmingham based company decided to invest in the Massivit 1800 to target new business opportunities through its current customers base by maximising the synergies between 3D applications and its existing 2D printing capabilities.

Andy Williams, founder and managing director at Andesign, commented: ‘We were looking to invest in the latest technology that would elevate our product offering to new heights and make us the acknowledged go to company for head turning visual communication projects.

‘The Massivit 1800 enables us to do just that, opening doors for us to enter the 3D print market and expand our sign and display portfolio. With the unique applications achievable with this solution, we will be able to offer unrivalled products and services. The only real limit to this technology’s capabilities is your imagination!’

The Massivit 1800 was installed in early March by UK distributor CMYUK and is already in full production at Andesign’s facility. The company is planning to showcase its new technology and how this can benefit its customers during an open house in May.

‘Our open house will provide the opportunity to kick start our new business drive,’ explained Andy. ‘With live demonstrations of the Massivit 1800, the day will enable our customers to gain further insight into the capabilities of our new technology and therefore, the many application possibilities available to them. These include robust point of purchase, point of sale, theme park models, event props and museum displays.’

‘Such is our confidence in the business generating potential of the Massivit 1800, we expect to increase our turnover to £6 million in the next three years and double it to approximately £8 million in the next five years,’ he added.

Utilizing the Massivit 1800, as well as other recent investments in ancillary finishing and thermoforming equipment, Andesign aims to exceed its customers’ expectations with an extended range of innovative products.

‘The thermoforming technology will go hand in hand with the Massivit 1800, enabling us to produce cost effective customised thermoforming moulds. This will add a new dimension to traditional 2D displays,’ commented Andy.’ We can now enhance these customers’ applications with a creative 3D feature for a more high impact, visual experience to ensure better audience engagement.’


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