Sustainable packaging provider vows to 'do its bit' for the environment

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Leading global designer and manufacturer of flexible packaging solutions, Automated Packaging Systems, has pledged to help save the planet by reducing plastic pollution.

The Malvern based business has signed up to Operation Clean Sweep – an international initiative that strives to prevent plastic pellet loss in the environment.

Led by the British Plastics Federation in the UK, Operation Clean Sweep aims to ensure that plastic pellets, flakes and powders that pass through manufacturing facilities in the UK are handled with the care they deserve and do not end up in our rivers and seas.

By signing up, companies make a commitment to adhere to best practice and implement systems to prevent plastic pellet loss, therefore playing their part in protecting the aquatic environment.

Automated Packaging Systems has implemented a number of policies as part of the initiative. These include securely connecting the delivery lorries’ hoses to containers, and checking them, to ensure minimum spillage, extrusion calculations to make sure the correct amount of pellets are transferred to the containers, resulting in minimum overflow and installing mesh covers on drains to prevent any spillages leaking into the drainage system. Plans are also in place to train warehouse staff in cleaning up spillages and to recycle spilled pellets going forward.

Andy Pretious, UK sales and marketing manager at Automated Packaging Systems, said: ‘We pride ourselves on being an environmentally conscious business and jumped at the chance to sign up to Operation Clean Sweep. It is a fantastic initiative that helps to ensure businesses are doing all they can to live up to their environmental responsibilities.

‘It is particularly topical, with so much negative press recently about plastic in our seas and oceans. It is very important to us to do our bit to protect the environment and take whatever steps we can to reduce our carbon footprint.’

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