W&H presents new automation and operating concept Easy Control

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Windmöller & Hölscher is offering a new integrated automation and operating concept for its FFS packaging line (Form, Fill, Seal) with Easy Control, which enhances the efficiency of the line. Higher transparency, ease of use and the integration of the entire FFS line lead to increased efficiency and quality in production.

So far, operators of FFS lines have been faced with the challenge of individually controlling and monitoring the plant components and third party modules. The result: loss of efficiency due to different operating systems, additional interfaces and error sources as well as lack of comprehensive production data. W&H has now developed this modular automation and operating concept that enables consistent control and monitoring of the machine. ‘Easy Control consists of numerous modules that can be individually tailored to the needs of the customer,’ explained Rafael Imberg, sales manager FFS Packaging Systems at W&H. A new module includes the integration of third party equipment such as metal detector, inkjet printer and checkweigher in the operation of the line. The advantages are obvious: the operator only has to know one more system. Another module makes status reports available everywhere via smartphone or tablet PC.

‘The machine reports an imminent roll change so that the operator can plan routes and resources in a forward looking manner,’ added Rafael. ‘We provide a database of the entire line that was previously unavailable. The extensive analysis options make it possible to optimally control production.’

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