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Taopix has launched a significant revision to its Photo Prints experience as part of its third new release this year.

In the latest release, Taopix delivers a new experience for the consumer to create and purchase single image photo prints as a complement to the wide variety of books, calendars and gifts already supported by the platform.

‘For our clients, customer acquisition and conversion is paramount. The ability to offer a commercially competitive diverse product range helps our customers maximise revenue stream opportunities. Adding photo prints is a great opportunity to attract new customers and cross sell to existing customers. Thereafter, the user experience is absolutely key in getting customers to the point of purchase. Our new photo prints experience is super simple to use on any device, highly intuitive and very fast. We are convinced it will boost revenue generation opportunities for all of our customers,’ explained James Gray, founder and CEO of Taopix.

The new photo prints experience allows customers to easily and quickly create and order multiple prints in multiple sizes and comes complete with a substantial array of picture enhancement and editing tools.

Also included in the release is an enhanced data suite for better and more focused marketing. ‘Having run a large and successful online consumer business myself (, I know how important a detailed understanding of the customer and their behaviour is to building a successful business,’ said Nigel Lee, Taopix’ executive chairman. Taopix provides deep and rich data on all aspects of the customer’s journey, not to mention detailed customer profile data.

‘We provide a powerful data management suite to give each of our customer precise information to help in the formulation of products, marketing campaigns and promotions. This is a fundamental part of our on-going commitment to helping our customers become as successful as they can be. At Taopix, we play to our strengths; rather than spending our time posting digital marketing hints and tips on social media, we put all our effort in to delivering innovation, providing an optimal user experience underpinned with a comprehensive data suite to allow our customers to maximise customer acquisition though product differentiation and optimise conversion via the best user experience available in the market,’ continued Nigel.

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