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Chili publish is introducing a first novelty wave for its flagship solution Chili publisher. The enhancements establish the solution as a new comparative benchmark in the variable data print business segment. An Illustrator plug-in fulfils a long standing request from the packaging market. An overall performance increase within the software secures an impressive loading time for a faster and more direct time to market for companies looking to increase their conversion rates.

Personalisation remains a key priority within the variable data print market. Many solutions exist, but only a few appeal to the mid size and niche market range with an attractive front end to source templates, a scalable server service, and a customer facing approach. By fulfilling these needs, Chili publisher raises the bar and benchmark for companies investigating the software driver needed within their own platform for mid size and niche personalisation.

Label and packaging partners increasingly inquired about an Illustrator plug-in to complete their Chili publisher integration. The company, therefore, decided to activate the ‘roundtripping loop’ within the solution for Illustrator users as well. The plug-in is currently in successful beta testing and will be made available as a free feature for paid maintenance customers. With its solution’s API firmly established, it was time to tweak the online next level performance of Chili publisher, the Universal Graphics Engine. By enabling progressive downloads, screen loading time has improved drastically. Increased frame rates secure a smoother user experience that lets the user interact more quickly. Chili publish CTO Ward De Langhe explained: ‘Online browser performance is of the essence. We don’t get a second chance in first time user experience. Users want what they need to appear instantly. Loading time in the browser is not easy, with so much significant and heavy data to be processed and rendered. Progressive loading allows us to comply with user gratification needs while respecting the essence of the data. We have tested this first on our own demo portal. Initial customer results reveal how this increased performance boosts conversion rates in general.’

The update is live and ready to be downloaded by all Chili publish customers. First time users who would like to dry run, can do so on the new and improved Spicy beer portal. ‘I am convinced these solution novelties are the first stepping stone on our pursuit to shape tomorrow’s graphics,’ said Kevin Goeminne, CEO of Chili publish. ‘Industry 4.0 is setting the pace for the graphics industry, alongside the other markets we influence. Direct mail can be an extremely successful marketing tool in these GDPR times. By introducing the Illustrator plug-in and increasing the variable data print performance of Chili publisher, the Universal Graphics Engine, any user will have a faster time to market to stay ahead of the competition.’ Chili publisher will host one to one demonstrations at Print18 in Chicago.

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