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RR Donnelley has announced the launch of Acuity by RRD, a predictive testing solution that enables marketers to predict direct mail performance and validate campaigns pre-production, at a fraction of the price and time. As an alternative to traditional in-market direct mail testing, Acuity by RRD provides virtual testing and forecasting to identify the best performing direct mail concepts. This enables marketers to understand projected response rates before investing time and money in a large scale campaign.

Marketers today need to base more decisions on data driven analysis. Acuity by RRD's proven approach answers those needs to deliver:

Cost reduction – by identifying the best perceived offer, thus eliminating production costs spent on underperforming mail pieces.

Reduced time to results – by determining the creative execution that will generate the best return in as little as four weeks.

Enhanced targeting – by evaluating creative variables based on mail sorting and response behaviour, combined with demographic and attitudinal data.

Dynamic testing – by evaluating multiple features against alternatives within a controlled environment.

‘We launched the Acuity by RRD to help our clients better interact with their customers and to drive maximum return from their marketing spend’" said Doug Ryan, president of RRD Marketing Solutions. ‘The cost and time savings alone make Acuity by RRD one of the most uniquely positioned products in the market. The tool allows marketers to validate the performance of direct campaigns with relevant audiences, and gain better and faster insights about what is driving performance. With Acuity by RRD, clients can elevate their direct mail performance results as soon as four to six weeks while reducing design and mailing costs and boosting response rates through improved targeting.’

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