Coveris reduces plastic by over 50% with new recyclable skinboard tray

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Providing a new packaging format for the fresh protein sector, Coveris' latest innovation for Morrisons combines sustainable sourcing, plastics reduction and improved recyclability to deliver a fully circular pack format in support of both the retailer and packaging manufacturer's UK Plastics Pact commitments.

Replacing hard to recycle black plastic trays with a printed FSC or PEFC cardboard base, Coveris' pioneering new vacuum skinboard (VSB) format delivers a major environmental saving through the reduction of over 50% of plastic, removing more than 50 tonnes of this from consumer waste streams each year.

More sustainable from source, the packs offer a significantly lower carbon footprint and are made from over 75% renewable materials. Also delivering improved end of life benefit through the combination of the existing vacuum shrink PE film with new recyclable board, 80% of the pack is now widely recyclable under OPRL guidelines, compared to the previous pack which was not recyclable due to the multi-layer base material.

Combining the premium look of a black tray with the recyclable benefit of a board base, the multi-purpose, fully printed base (up to eight colours HD or conventional flexo) removes the need for additional printed components like lidding films and base labels to deliver an innovative look and feel on shelf. Providing unrivalled barrier properties and seal integrity, along with an easy peel open feature, the pack expertly combines environmental benefits with high performance functionality, proving that sustainable packaging is not about compromise.

Available now across Morrisons stores nationwide, the new VSB format currently can be found across 14 of 'The Best' cooked meats lines including hams, chicken, turkey, beef and pork.

Having worked collaboratively across Morrisons' supply chain as part of a six month development process to deliver an innovative, sustainable replacement for the protein category, the new format is a leading example of how packaging manufacturers and retailers are strategically working together to deliver more circular solutions.

Commenting on the launch of the new VSB format and collaborative development process involved in delivering this, Chris Elliott, group packaging manager of Morrisons Manufacturing, said: ‘At Morrisons we listen hard to our customers. They are asking us to look for ways to reduce packaging. In particular to reduce plastic packaging. By changing from all plastic for our cooked meat Best Range to a new cardboard base we have removed a lot of plastic and improved the overall pack. We hope our customers will be as excited as we are with this new innovation.’

Rob Court, business development director for Coveris' Paper Division, also said: ‘The launch of our new vacuum skinboard innovation marks a major industry breakthrough in the development of products for the fresh protein sector. Given the rapid growth and standardisation of the plastic based skin packs over recent years, we are very excited to now be offering a more sustainable board replacement that delivers the same, if not better performance benefits, to support the next phase of packaging evolution in this category.’

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