Storopack launches Paperplus Track

February 4, 2019

Packaging Solutions


Storopack has launched Paperplus Track, a new paper cushion system. 

The new machine is designed for applications in which high throughput and secure packaging material are a must: Paperplus Track produces paper cushion in mere seconds directly at the packing station, delivering highly effective padding while using less material. Thanks to the sturdy padding, the system is ideal for medium to large packages weighing between five and 50 kilogram – the perfect solution for shipping spare parts, electronic components, and ceramics. 

Paperplus Track is compact in size and, like all other Storopack padding systems, can also be integrated into existing distribution lines. As a result, it guarantees optimal packing processes and reduces process costs. The machine is now available. 



Thanks to the paper cushions, shipping goods can be reliably blocked and braced and also protected from knocks. For even better product protection and more efficient use of material, the volume of the paper cushions can be specifically adjusted for every product. Users also benefit from the especially safe blade free technology of the Paperplus Track: the paper is perforated, making it extremely easy to individually separate each paper cushion mechanically, which in turn minimises offcuts. 

Everything about the machine is designed for speed: thanks to the on-demand function, the system automatically produces more paper cushions once they have been removed. Another advantage is that the machine features a touch screen and can connect to Wi-Fi. This way, the paper cushion system can also be controlled online from an external location via smartphone or tablet. Paperplus Track is low maintenance, works quietly, and enables fast and simple paper replacement. 




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