Luminate invests in bright future with Oris Flexpack and Roland Soljet Pro 4 XR-640

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Luminate is enjoying highly creative customer conversations following investment in a complete proofing solution from Oris Packaging Innovations (UK) Limited.

The Croydon company has taken a fresh approach to mock up production after installing an Oris FlexPack//Web System and a Roland Soljet Pro 4 XR-640 large format printer/cutter printer.

Established in 2016, Luminate specialises in litho wet proofing and silk screen printing, embossing, debossing, hot foiling, die cutting and full production ready mock ups. It works with a wide range of brands and agencies from Lebanon to the Nordics.

‘I joined the business 18 months ago to review its direction and processes,’ explained production director Des Kane. ‘At the same the business did look at Oris but back then we couldn’t clearly see the benefits of what was being offered. After taking a step back and reviewing our business needs plus the addition of a number of recommendations regarding this digital offering we asked the Oris Team back in and talk us through it.

‘We talked about a completely fresh approach to mock ups that would run alongside our traditional litho contract proofing capabilities. We liked the digital solution. It was fast and affordable and would help our clients immediately see their creativity brought to life, allowing our customers much greater scope over what they were looking to achieve, giving them a hybrid offering. We want to create a better experience within our environment, we want our clients to play with ideas and get a real feeling for what works and what can be created with the budgets they have.’

The Roland Soljet Pro 4 XR-640 has two inline, mirrored print heads, integrated printing and contour cutting technology, and Oris Extended Gamut XG inks utilising CMYK, orange, green, white and metallic configuration. It delivers maximum versatility and productivity on a wide range of media.

Oris Flex Pack web software provides web based hard copy and soft proofing in one package. At the heart of the application is the patented four-dimensional iterative colour management software which, combined with a specially designed custom interface, delivers the ultimate in production flexibility for halftone and continuous tone proofing. It allows colour accurate packaging mock-ups to be quickly produced on a wide range of flexible and rigid medias.

All printer features, such as multi-pass and print and cut, are supported and the included Pantone colour libraries enable proofing of special colours, with the flexibility of defining custom colours. Furthermore, the Oris Flex Pack//Web software offers integrated soft proofing, proof certification and halftone support.

Luminate made the investment as part of a company wide review that also included enhancements in all departments including the pressroom and post press areas Des said, ‘We started looking at the mock up area, but our attention quickly turned to the whole company. We have made improvements everywhere. As a result, all of us have been included in the fresh approach which helps when we are talking to customers and considering all aspects of new projects.

‘Now we are seeing agencies who work with us on one proofing exercise coming back and exploring bigger ideas across multiple projects. Clients may initially start talking about our digital offering but we now see this expanding to our more traditional processes and vice versa. We can now offer our clients much more scope, creating more rounded conversations about what can be achieved which helps us build stronger, longer lasting relationships.’

He added, ‘What we have is a different vibe here at Luminate and this helps us attract more business and better relationships. It has given us the confidence to offer a wider range of services. We are empowered and energised. We haven’t started pushing it yet, but already creative agencies are coming to us wanting to learn more.’

Des Kane, production director and Kev Neath, director and co-owner, both of Luminate.

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