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Yellow ink is a clear solution

Packaging Solutions

A Linx 8900 continuous inkjet printer featuring the company’s specially developed Linx Yellow pigmented ink 1039 has proved the ideal coding solution for a leading Slovenian rubber profiles manufacturer.

The printer and ink combination, supplied by Linx’s distributor Markpro, is enabling Trelleborg Slovenija to print clear, high quality single line codes onto a range of profiles for a variety of end user markets including construction, car manufacture, electronics and white goods.

Linx Yellow pigmented ink 1039 delivers excellent contrast on both black and white rubber to ensure effective readability of the 2 to 2.5 mm high codes. In addition, it provides a fast drying time of within two seconds, ideal for the continuous operation of the extrusion process.

The ink offers effective chemical splash and rub resistance and superior lightfastness, making it particularly suitable for products and packs that are exposed to light for extended periods.

The Linx 8900 series printer incorporates a wealth of features that speed up day-to-day operation and maintenance, combined with the renowned Linx reliability that ensures continual performance and minimal downtime. This is important for Trelleborg Slovenija, where the printer is in operation for around 16 hours a day, five or six days each week.

The combination of the Linx 8900 and 1039 ink also has a longer printhead cleaning interval than other printers with soft pigmented inks, leading to even more uptime.

Messages are 30 characters long and are printed every 0.5 metres. The Linx 8900 includes a feature to print codes at equal intervals on extruded products.

In addition, the machine offers even greater versatility thanks to its range of special reporting functions, which enable companies to identify ways to improve productivity.

‘The Linx 8900 combines reliability and ease of operation,’ commented Franci Vehovec, Planner at Trelleborg Slovenija. ‘We are also pleased with the fast response service we receive from Markpro.

‘Linx Yellow pigmented ink 1039 is an excellent choice for our extrusions and achieves greater code clarity than the white ink we had previously used.’

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