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Encres Dubuit completes its range of pad printing inks with new MG-Pad series


After the C-Pad series (ink for PE and PP treated), the Tagless (textile printing) and the D-Pad (multisupport ink), the MG-Pad series completes the range of inks for pad printing from Encres Dubuit.

With MG-Pad specifically formulated for glass and metal applications, Encres Dubuit reaffirms its know how and expertise in the world of glass.

MG-Pad is a two component (epoxy) ink with very high hardness, excellent gloss, and very good resistance to abrasion, chemicals and alcohols.

Encres Dubuit has developed a specific colour system for pad printing inks (Color System 800: with more than 10 standard colours) to achieve the best colour intensity and opacity.


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