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In early 2009, into the teeth of the most severe recession ever suffered by the printing industry, Color-Logic introduced its Process Metallic Color System – the graphic design software package that simplifies and standardises metallic print production, creating foil printing using white ink/toner or silver ink/toner.

Since that 2009 introduction, the Color-Logic system has remained affordable and easy for both conventional and digital printers to implement. A key feature links printers with graphic designers and brand managers, making them partners in the successful execution of metallic designs.

Color-Logic was developed by chief technology officer Richard Ainge and director of sales and marketing Mark Geeves, both of whom remain active in the company. Today it is supported by virtually every digital printing press manufacturer offering white ink/toner or silver ink/toner. Color-Logic has consistently worked with press, substrate, and coating technology partners around the world and has evolved with process and equipment technologies.

After ten years, the company has installations in more than 50 countries, and in the past three years some 90% of sales have occurred outside the United States. In 2019, sales to printers with digital presses are expected for the first time to exceed those to conventional printers. Labels and packaging are particularly strong markets and consistently demonstrate a speedy return on investment. For printers using any process, Color-Logic offers educational videos and easy to follow training that enable designers to quickly understand the technology and use it to produce metallic files that are consistently reproducible without seemingly endless trial and error.

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