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Personalise your unwrapped mailing

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If you want to send your postal mailings unwrapped (no envelopes or polywrap) but are finding personalisation difficult, AMS has the ideal solution with the X-Jet variable data printer. The company is seeing an increasing trend towards unwrapped mailings such as glossy brochures, magazines and leaflets. As well as being attention grabbing when landing on customers doorsteps, production and postal costs are reduced and environmental credentials enhanced. However, without the right printing equipment, printing data such as addresses and barcodes directly on to mailings can be a difficult task. The X-Jet variable data inkjet printer is a powerful and speedy printing system that can print addresses and barcodes on up to 30,000 glossy, coated or laminated mailings per hour. Using quick drying ink, the cost effective system can drastically cut your production and delivery times.

The robust printhead can be supplied on its own, added to your existing equipment, or even as a complete system with a base, feeder, conveyor and software. This way you only purchase what you need. Clear, accurate data printing is essential if unwrapped mail is to be tracked, distributed and used correctly – making the variable information printed on a mailing arguably as important as its contents.

AMS is holding open days on 18 and 19 June at its showroom in Harlow, Essex, where visitors can see the company’s full range of products.

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