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Diana Thompson to step down from major PR accounts

Print Solutions

After 35 years in print as a journalist and PR consultant Diana Thompson, managing director of Plus Point PR, has decided to take a break. She is stepping down from the Epson account this month and, after a fantastic 25 year relationship with Heidelberg UK, will part ways at the end of September.

‘My daughter Sophie has the opportunity to study abroad and is going to Singapore for the autumn term. I plan to join her there in November and we will travel together in Australia and New Zealand, returning late in January,’ said Diana. ‘On my return Plus Point PR will continue to handle work for Picon, the graphic arts suppliers’ organisation, and IST (UK), leading supplier of UV systems, but otherwise will only take on small contracts and ad hoc business.

‘I am the fifth generation of my family in print and I have been extremely proud to report on and promote an industry that is creative, innovative and which has an impact on all our lives. I love the fact that printers, and indeed those who write about it, compete hard but also pursue their business in a professional and friendly manner.’

Epson will make an announcement about a new PR agency partner shortly and a new marketing manager at Heidelberg will handle all aspects of promotion including the PR, social media and events.

‘Heidelberg UK was my first client and I am immensely proud to have worked with a series of excellent managing directors – Wolfgang Gorth, George Clarke, Gerard Heanue and now Ryan Miles – as well as wonderful people from the top to the bottom of the organisation.

‘I have worked with Epson for the past two years and that has taken me into new areas of print, even fashion and promotional products, which has been fascinating. It is a very innovative company.’

Editor’s note: Di has provided an excellent service not only for her clients over the years, but also for the trade press around the globe. Her professionalism, dedication to providing good content and kind help has been much appreciated.

She is a wonderful character and we are glad that she will be back in the new year.

Until then, all at Earth Island wish Di an enjoyable and exciting trip and look forward hearing all about it.

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