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New appointment at Chili publish

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Chili publish has appointed Flora Nkuranga-Gaju as its vice president of customer success. Flora brings with her over a decade of experience in delivering outstanding service levels in sales and customer centric roles across a wide variety of industry verticals. She will map out and implement a customer success strategy that will spur revenue increase, stimulate market expansion, and drive business growth.

‘The challenge that the role represents, the unconventional work environment, the passionate and ambitious team and the flexibility for work-life balance are just some of the unique traits that drew me to Chili publish,’ commented Flora on her new position with the company. ‘The forward thinking mindset allows for a creative work environment, effective collaboration and disruptive innovation in the way we make things happen. I feel like my 13 years of working in successful customer centric hyper growth technology companies is truly leveraged in my current role here at Chili publish. Customer success should translate into customer happiness, Chili publish revenue increase and general community enhancement. I am fully dedicated to own this and make it happen.’

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