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Scodix Studio web to print launched

Print Solutions

Scodix has announced the launch of Scodix Studio W2P solutions, unlocking new profitable digital enhancement applications for web to print businesses and further value added, customised products for consumers.

The new solutions integrate seamlessly into all major existing web to print workflows, making digital enhancement automatic for even the most demanding jobs.

Enhancement design files are sent to Scodix Studio W2P which automatically processes the data and directs it to a Scodix Ultra press. By off loading and automating file pre-processing, the software service boosts the utilisation and productivity of the press and the entire workflow. With the advanced Scodix Studio W2P solutions, MIS integration is also enabled to strengthen the automation process, further saving time, reducing human intervention and increasing efficiency.

Implemented at over 20 customer sites across North America and Europe, Scodix Studio W2P solutions are already proven to be robust, trusted and valued solutions – even in the most demanding peak seasons. Early users report invaluable business differentiation following easy application of the software.

For complex jobs Scodix Studio W2P enables an array of nine premium, attention grabbing print enhancements to be included.

Scodix CEO Adina Shorr said, ‘We see web to print as a key market for Scodix.

‘The Association for Print Technologies predicts a compound annual growth rate in the sector of 5.7% until 2023, so there is clear opportunity for our customers to leverage. Scodix digital enhancement provides a perfect solution for differentiating businesses from the competition and keeping customers returning for products that truly change the business. The new Scodix Studio W2P provides the perfect tool for fully automated workflow for this space.’


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