Parkside and Van der Windt deliver new reclose lidding film

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Parkside has launched a reclose lidding film for soft fruits in Holland – a first in its kind for the Dutch market.

In collaboration with packaging supplier Van der Windt Verpakking and FruitMasters, a Dutch fruit cooperative, Parkside has delivered an innovative reclose lidding film for punnets of blueberries and strawberries.

The film, which will be the thinnest available in the Netherlands, will directly replace the traditionally used clamshell lid, providing a reduction in overall plastic use and improved pack recyclability.

Paula Birch, sales director at Parkside, said: ‘The Dutch market is attempting to move away from its current use of clamshell lids in soft fruits. Parkside has provided a recyclable alternative that still delivers in terms of product protection.

‘By switching to Parkside’s lidding film and eliminating the clamshell lid, there is a significant packaging reduction. The entire pack is still mono PET throughout, which can be recycled locally, giving packers, brands and retailers a new more environmentally friendly option.’

Packs using the reclose mono PET lidding film from Parkside are lighter in weight when compared to previous designs. The film is currently only 43 microns, making it the thinnest reclose film on the market and can incorporate anti fog coating and other barrier functions as required.

Parkside’s weld seal lidding film achieves excellent product protection ensuring fruit remains in optimum condition throughout the supply chain, from being picked in the field to arriving in the consumer's home.

Paula continued, ‘This new type of mono PET lidding film is industry leading being so lightweight and having a superb reclose seal. It possesses all the great qualities of packaging already in use, while being a lot easier to recycle.

‘Van der Windt is a huge player in the Dutch packaging market and we are delighted to be collaborating on the project, and delivering new and exciting innovation to the market.’

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