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Quality hat-trick: Onlineprinters sets standards

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Onlineprinters has obtained certification for all three departments: offset printing, digital printing and post press. In June 2019, the online printer received the certificate for successful PSD certification of its digital printing services according to ISO 15311. The e-commerce business has been promoting consistent quality standards and quality assurance of its printing processes already since 2006.

The purchasing behaviour of customers has changed over the past years. They tend to order smaller print runs more frequently and products need to be available on shorter notice. To accommodate this trend, Onlineprinters has stepped up its digital printing operation. Today, the company prints almost 25% of all customer jobs digitally compared to just 5% in 2014. ‘Over the past two years, we have multiplied our digital printing capacity at our German production sites alone. We mainly use HP Indigo technology which resellers appreciate because of the high quality it delivers,’ said Roland Keppler, the CEO of Onlineprinters, one of Europe's top selling online printers.

The ProcessStandard Digital (PSD) defines high quality standards for digital printing processes. The associated quality management comprises all organised measures and quality assurance activities in digital printing (eg maintenance, quality assurance and training) aimed at improving products, processes or services. In June 2019, Onlineprinters received the PSD digital printing seal based on the requirements of ProcessStandard Digital and the ISO 15311 digital printing standard to make the quality hat-trick complete.

Onlineprinters has been providing certified quality according to ProcessStandard Offset (PSO) for more than ten years. The company's production department was first certified to PSO back in 2006.

Quality is key – this also applies to the post press processes of Onlineprinters according to ISO 16762 which include all steps required to make the product ready to be shipped to customers such as folding, trimming, punching and binding. In 2017, Onlineprinters was one of the first online print shops in Europe to have its post press operations certified and has been allowed to carry the Ugra label for certified product quality according to PSO including post press. All certification requirements were fully met.

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