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Warren’s new Express service for barrier board – Rochperle Kit 8

Packaging Solutions

Warren has announced the introduction of a new product to its reel to sheet board range.

Rochperle (Kit 8), produced at Reno de Medici’s La Rochette mill in France, is a plastic free, virgin fibre barrier board suitable for many food industry applications where a grease resistance is required.

In what is believed to be a first for the UK merchant industry, Rochperle Kit 8 is now available cut to size within three to five working days – offering customers both reduced costs and waste.

Rochperle Kit 8, as well as being plastic free is FSC certified and given the producing mill is in France, offers the obvious benefits against other products from more remote locations.

The introduction of this service will complement Warren’s existing sheet stock lines – namely Accurate Freeze GR and Accurate Top Strong Freeze GR – both available in Kit 7-9 and Kit 9-11.

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