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New sandblasting system at Weerg


In a market where precision is everything and even a millimetre of detail can make the difference, Weerg only relies on top of the line technologies to expand its production department, including in terms of finishing. For this reason, since the outset, the Italian e-commerce that offers online CNC and 3D machining has relied on the ‘Made in Italy’ excellence of the Norblast Group for surface treatment through the most modern systems of sandblasting and shot peening. Two automatic tumbler sandblasting machines model S11B by Norblast have been installed in the Weerg headquarters in Gardigiano, where they are used respectively for the CNC sector and for the 3D department.

They are now complemented by a custom made system of the latest generation for additive manufacturing, developed by Norblast specifically for the Venetian service. A real co-design project, for which the research and development departments of the two companies have worked for months in close synergy with the aim of identifying the most suitable parameters, the most functional accessories and the most suitable grits for the additive technology used. The result is a worldwide unique system characterised by the highest production efficiency, doubled execution speed, homogeneity of the finishes smoother at touch and sight and an exclusive automatic dust collection system. A high value added solution specifically tailored to support Weerg's large production volumes and work in line with the latest 3D powder technologies that make up its large fleet of machines: the six industrial 3D printers of the HP Multi Jet Fusion 5210 series of the latest generation and the two Selective Laser Sintering systems (SLS) ProX SLS 6100 by 3D Systems.

‘The installation of this new solution, designed specifically to fit perfectly in our production lines, represents a new step towards total process automation in the perspective of Industry 4.0, one of our fundamental objectives,’ said Francesco Zanardo, Weerg's general manager. ‘The new sandblasting machine works in line with our 3D printing systems, allowing us to offer even higher quality standards to our customers at the same price, with an exponential increase in the European market.’

‘The well established know how and excellence of our research and development centre allow us to work with sartorial logic to provide the ‘tailor made suit’ by designing our machines according to the wishes of the customer and creating, as in the case of Weerg, mutual synergies with a perspective of constant innovation,’ explained Stefano Norelli, Norblast's sales director. The collaboration with Weerg has led to the development of a machine equipped with exclusive advantages and in particular with a system of filtering and sieving of dust which is currently unique on the market, capable of automatically separating the residues of PA12 nylon from the sandblasting material. An absolute novelty that Norblast intends to industrialise with the launch of new systems in the near future.

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