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Color-Logic has introduced Touch7 Photo ECG, an Extended Colour Gamut (ECG) tool that dramatically simplifies the use of Extended Colour Gamut in the latest wide format and digital presses.

Extended Colour Gamut (ECG) inks are rapidly gaining popularity in the large format and packaging worlds, particularly when specifying corporate identity or spot colours beyond the CMYK colour gamut. When brands want images to stand out, they use this extended gamut capability in images. Doing so requires someone to make a manual mask for each of the ECG inks being used.

Until now, achieving the desired intent of Extended Colour Gamut required a skilled pre-press operator or graphic designer to use trial and error. Adding ECG ink sets into images requires creating a separate mask for each ECG ink being used. Touch7 Photo ECG is a new Photoshop plugin that enables the designer or pre-press operator to add one, two, or three ECG separations into an image in only a few seconds. Touch7 Photo ECG eliminates the need to create manual masks, thus any designer using Photoshop CC can do this kind of work.

In addition, Touch7 Photo ECG does not require ICC profiles to create the ECG separations, enabling designers to create, at the design stage, five, six, or seven colour separations and then send the file to pre-press for production, where ICC colour management is used to map the image to the ink set of the printer or press.

Designers una can install and test Touch7 Photo ECG by downloading the tool at

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