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Frugalpac includes First Mile RecycleBox service

Packaging Solutions

Frugalpac has partnered with First Mile to offer customers an inclusive recycling service for its innovative Frugal Cup. Customers joining the ‘coffee cup revolution’ can ensure sustainability through First Mile’s recycling post back service, RecycleBox.

Customers ordering any two cases of Frugal Cups will automatically be offered the service, where they can put their used cups in the box in which they were delivered, to be collected by First Mile’s RecycleBox courier network and correctly recycled.

Whereas conventional paper coffee cups are usually made from plastic coated virgin paperboard which is tricky to recycle, Frugal Cup is a recyclable paper cup made from recycled paper. The cups consist of 96% recycled paperboard with a 4% food grade polythene liner and, with no waterproofing chemicals, the liner separates easily in the standard recycling process.

Developed by First Mile, RecycleBox is an easy courier service offered to both businesses and consumers. The box can be filled with hard to recycle items or items that that are not traditionally recycled through household or commercial waste services.

First Mile founder and CEO, Bruce Bratley, commented: ‘It is great to be working with Frugalpac, providing a credible recycling solution for its Frugal Cup customers. Frugalpac’s commitment to strong environmental performance is clear to see, and by using RecycleBox, its Frugal Cups will live to see another day when transformed into future paper products.’

Frugalpac’s sales manager, George Rumble, added: ‘We are extremely proud to enter the new decade partnering with First Mile. Its innovative post back service, RecycleBox, offers our growing number of UK wide customers the perfect solution, ensuring their Frugal Cups are collected and recycled. Each Frugal Cup already contains 96% recycled content, the only one of its kind to stimulate demand for paper recycling. Partnering with First Mile to recycle Frugal Cups again and again, enables our customers to play their part in a circular economy.’

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