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Kall Kwik Hull upgrades to a higher capacity KAS bookletmaker

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Kall Kwik in Hull has upgraded its Kasfold bookletmaker with a new Kasfold 5000HCS short run bookletmaker from Ashgate designed to meet the requirements of the digital print market.

‘We bought our previous booklet maker in January 1996 and, as booklet making is central to our offering, it served us very well indeed for over 25 years,’ said Joy Gledhill, director. ‘One of the benefits of the new booklet maker is its 5000 staple cassette, which saves us time in changing over cassettes. It also improves our productivity. Another benefit is that it can corner as well as edge staple A4 sets, which our previous machine could not do.’

The company did look at alternative machines before placing the order with Ashgate. ‘We know this machine so well. It is a real work horse and good value too, so when they recommended this new model with the extra features, there was no contest,’ Joy explained.

This compact, floor standing, KF5000HCS produces A4, A5 and A6 finished size booklets up to 25 sheets and a cover (100 pages). It takes A5 to SRA3 sheet sizes. Each collated set is fed into the bookletmaker by hand, the machine takes over and the set is jogged from both sides, stapled and folded. The HCS staple heads produce a pro clench flat clenched staple finish. Optional front edge trimmer and also online squarefold units are available.

The company is the last remaining quickprinter located in the city’s old town.

‘We have a wide range of customers including public services, schools, large and smaller local companies and the public. Our aim is to print on our Konica AccurioPress C3080 and Xerox Versant 80 digital printers and finish high quality booklets as fast as possible to meet the delivery requirements of our clients. One of our major clients requires a wide variety of booklets and we can easily adjust the sizes.

‘Ashgate gave us on-site training and are always there if we require them. We can’t fault their service over the years. The new machine has settled in quickly and if it lasts another twenty plus years, we will be delighted.’

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