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Antalis extends its sustainable Xanita Print range

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Since launching Xanita Print to the UK market in 2019, Antalis has received an overwhelmingly positive response from visual communications’ customers looking for a sustainable board alternative for use in point of sale, exhibition, display and signage production.

Antalis has listened to customer feedback and is delighted to announce the launch a new lighterweight 6 mm board to the Xanita range. Stocked in a 2440 x 1220 mm sheet size, this product is an exciting addition that will benefit customers in several key ways.

The 6 mm size is recognised as being perfectly suitable and easily strong enough to produce robust freestanding display units. Where greater strength than a standard corrugated board is required, but the budget does not allow the use of 10 mm, Xanita 6 mm is a more suitable and cost effective choice. Furthermore, the thinner 6 mm product is better suited for more creative and intricate designs, for example, exhibition mock ups or reproducing smaller display items. Finally, the addition of 6 mm Xanita Print gives customers an alternative environmental choice to the use of foam PVC for internal point of sale and signage applications.

The Xanita Print range is a 100% recyclable engineered fibre board, manufactured with a corrugated kraft core made of recycled cardboard boxes.

As well as being environmentally friendly, Xanita is also lightweight and very strong, making it the ideal solution for a wide range of decorative and even structural applications, including point of sale, shop fit and exhibition design.

Paul Neale, product manager at Antalis, stated: ‘Every day, Antalis is working towards providing innovative and sustainable solutions for our customers. With the use of plastics very much under scrutiny, Xanita is helping to meet the demand from a growing number of businesses looking to reduce their environmental impact. The 6 mm Xanita will help to fulfil a need in the market for a commercial, sustainable board ideal for a wide range of internal display applications.’

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