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Saica Pack launches innovative ‘cost of ownership’ application

Packaging Solutions

Saica Pack has been busy developing its end to end sales process and is excited to launch a new application which brings the concept to life for customers in a digital, easy to use format. The tool will provide customers with a detailed analysis of each cost incurred during production, and how they affect all elements of the value chain.

The innovative application aims to streamline Saica’s operations, ensuring efficiency and increasing the sustainability of its packaging solutions, whilst delivering optimised value for customers.

The application itself focuses on the five pillars of production: inbound logistics, operations, outbound logistics, recovery and social value. Each aspect of the value chain is then scrutinised – the application’s simple interface breaks down all costs associated with producing customers’ packaging solutions.

Users are then able to alter sections of the production process to understand how this will impact other elements of their work and the overall cost of operations. Saica hopes this process will showcase the economic and social impact of its product solutions.

David Wilbraham, sales, commercial and marketing director for UK & Ireland, said: ‘At Saica we are committed to harnessing customer experience and ensuring sustainability is at the centre of our production processes.

‘The innovative End to End: Cost of Ownership application, alongside our existing Digital Briefcase and Solutions Catalogue tools, will be fundamental in achieving these aims, and will ensure that we maintain our exceptional levels of customer service satisfaction.’

The tool has been rolled out across Saica Pack’s workforce, with the sales, technical and commercial departments all utilising the application to support their operations.

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