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Xerox’s PrimeLink B9100 Series sets new standard in monochrome

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Xerox has announced the new PrimeLink B9100 Series Multifunction Printer.

The important documents in our lives – birth certificates, contracts, medical reports, exam results – are still predominantly printed in monochrome. In fact, 63% of all printing is still done in black and white. It is printing that is required, time critical and done at low cost.

‘Our customers want better quality, speed, increased production and scalable finishing with a footprint that will fit any production environment,’ said Terry Antinora, vice president and general manager of Workplace Solutions Offerings, Xerox. ‘Given the strong demand in black and white printing, we are investing in both the hardware as well as connectivity and workflows our customers expect, whether in a production or workplace environment.’

In the workplace, connectivity and workflow automation are critical to transform the way work gets done. The PrimeLink B Series will boost productivity with access to the Xerox App Gallery, hosting more than 80 ConnectKey Apps that automate labour intensive processes, integrate workflows and connect to key business systems, whether in education, legal, government, healthcare or other industries.

For in-plants and print shops, light production printing often comes with challenges of high volume printing in a small area. Flexible and scalable, the PrimeLink B Series can fit in a small franchise print shop or expand to include a wide range of professional feeding and finishing options to meet the needs of any in-plant print environment. It offers best in class image quality across a broad range of media, including heavier stock and long sheet capability enabling new print applications.

Order taking for the PrimeLink B9100 Series is available now.

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