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Pack provides effective branding solution

Packaging Solutions

The right type of packaging is a powerful form of marketing. This has been ideally demonstrated by a unique pack and display solution developed and produced by Berry Superfos for Al Wefag Trading & Manufacturing Company.

The Superfos Unipak tub features special holes in the lid that allow the display of up to 10 of Al Wefag’s Borgat pop-up lollipops.

‘Great snacking moments already begin at the moment of purchase,’ confirmed Mohammed Yousuf Makba, supply chain planning manager at Al Wefag.

In particular, the Unipak has proved to be more durable and practical than the containers previously used by Al Wefag.

‘Although we had previously sold the Borgat lollipops in tubs with holes in the lid for 3D display, this solution was easily damageable and required a labour intensive additional cardboard insert for branding,’ explained Mohammed. ‘Now, the UniPak tub with the special lid full of holes provides unique on-shelf impact with in-mould labelling, plus flawless functionality. We can skip the cardboard insert and the lollipops look outstanding on shelf – in every sense of the word.’

Equally important, both the container and lid are made entirely from polypropylene, making the pack fully recyclable.

‘To support our sales, packaging must have quality and uniqueness,’ he continued. ‘Other factors including logistics, size, weight etc, also play an important role. We appreciate the durability of the UniPak tub and lid; the pack gives the lollipops a premium look, including the flexibility to display the lollipops on-shelf in 3D. So, yes, we are extremely happy with the UniPak tubs from Superfos.’

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