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Renz manufactures protective face shields

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After a downturn in order intake from mid March, Renz made the decision in early April to put its technical know-how, production expertise and spare manufacturing capacity to good use by producing protective face shields. Over the Easter weekend, a collaborative effort led to marketing collateral being developed and manufacturing commenced on Saturday 11 April. The company decided to produce a lightweight high quality protective face shield which on Friday 17April received official certification from ECS GmbH, the European Certification Service.

Initially, the shields went almost exclusively to the health sector but during the course of week commencing Monday 20 April, the private sector (mainly construction and manufacturing) started purchasing in readiness to bring staff back into the workplace. It has all happened so quickly, within the space of just two weeks, Renz is manufacturing and supplying in huge quantities a new product into totally different markets to its traditional print and office products sectors.

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