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Reopening of schools and social distancing: two apparently opposite concepts, which institutions and public opinion have been discussing for weeks. From kindergartens to universities, the need is to start up again safely, without renouncing an environment that is welcoming and conveys creativity. To do this, versatile tools and supports are needed, adaptable not only to the characteristics of each structure, but, above all, customisable with lively and captivating graphics and messages, capable of making the return to class more pleasant, albeit with facilities reorganised according to current regulations.

The answer to this comes from Guandong. The company has issued a catalogue of specific producets dedicated to Phase 2 communication, alongside the already wide range of materials it offers. Among these novelties, are 4 mm and 5 mm transparent polystyrene sheets for the construction of protective panels and breath barriers, as well as spacing tools that children can transform creatively by playing with removable stickers from the Wally line. This material adheres to surfaces through ‘nano-dots’ technology without requiring the use of glue, making it ideal for application on doors and walls.

In order to communicate rules and instructions within educational establishments, walkable films to be placed on the floors are essential for indicating the paths to follow. Designed to adhere perfectly to any surface, floor graphics by Guandong are washable, fireproof and anti slippage, and can be printed in order to render the rules pleasant even for the youngest of students. Mr Bordon line rewritable films can also be sanitised in complete safety, and are already available in A3 plus format which can be applied directly on school desks.

In addition, there is a line of materials carefully selected by Guandong for the construction of PPE, such as disposable masks and protective visors in different sizes.

The Guandong Phase 2 catalogue represents a complete answer to the needs of any business or gathering place, from shops to restaurants, from hotels to beach clubs. Today, a return to effective communication and to the capacity of safely using versatile, washable and repositionable supports without causing damage to surfaces is necessary more than ever.

Therefore, Guandong offers thepolyester films of the Dotty PET line, on which to print menus to be attached directly to restaurant tables. This material is printable with Latex inks, is offered in combination with Lar lamination, which makes it resistant to the sun and high temperatures and, above all, highly bacteria resistant.

‘However, it should not be forgotten that, even in a historical moment in which contacts are reduced to a minimum, visual communication is a fundamental tool for relating with customers,’ said Fabio Elmi, Guandong research and development director. ‘Therefore, not only specific products designed for the current emergency, but also evergreen ‘visualcom’ supports such as one ways, roll ups, banners, and magnetic materials, which we now rediscover as indispensable in order to attract consumers and transmit messages related to the products and services offered.’

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