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Get social distancing signs right with new guide

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As more businesses open to the public and staff, Drytac has released a guide on using social distancing graphics safely on walls, windows and floors.

As lockdown restrictions are eased and we transition to a new normal, businesses are finding that floor graphics, wall displays and window signs are essential for non-verbal communication. Graphics can convey safety information such as social distancing, hand washing guidance and queuing systems, and to alert customers about updated services or opening hours.

As we enter uncharted territory, best practices remain essential for businesses to ensure their legal obligations are met and people are kept safe. Drytac's new guide, ‘Open, Innovating, Moving Forward’, is intended to help retailers and installers to choose the correct graphics solutions that meet these requirements. It outlines what to look for – from fire ratings to slip ratings to FDA approvals – and lists the company’s products that may be suitable for relevant applications. These are categorised into window graphic solutions, one part and two part floor graphic solutions, writable media, wall graphic products and antimicrobial films.

The free to download guide is both easy to use and interactive: clicking on a product listed in the guide will open the associated Drytac webpage, providing more details, datasheets and application videos.

‘We are seeing more short term graphics than ever before and it is absolutely essential that they are safe and legal for their specific environments,’ said Shaun Holdom, global product manager for Drytac. ‘Our new guide will help businesses make the right decision when choosing and installing informative graphics.’

‘Open, Innovating, Moving Forward’ is available to download for free now.

Simply click here to download a copy.

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