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Tresu iCoat II: a new level of coating for short run jobs

Packaging Solutions

Responding to customer enquiries, Tresu now presents an advanced and improved version of its iCoat II. The upgraded version is optimised for coating applications in short run digital print jobs requiring fast job changes and capable of speeds up to 6000 sheets per hour, while accommodating paper sizes up to B2.

Tresu iCoat II features fast job change, with a 30 second sleeve change, proof tray for on the run proofing, and a recipe storage recalling complex job details at the push of a button.

With the modularity of the new iCoat II platform, machine configurations matching any individual customer need are now available. Any configuration can be changed later and more modules added to accommodate any possible future change in brand owners’ printing operations, or changes arising from short run seasonal fluctuations or fashion cycles. Customers only buy what they need – no more, no less.

The modular standalone iCoat II targets a broad span of configurations – from a combi coater with dual varnish system and separate WB and UV circuits for general folding carton applications, to an efficient twin coater configuration with more advanced single pass finishing operations for high end carton. For pharmaceutical packaging applications, an inspection conveyor module can be added, delivering traceability and inspection of individually marked units.

Ronni Nielsen, vice president Tresu Solutions Division, commented: ‘We have significantly boosted the Tresu iCoat II to a new level and with this modular standalone version, converters can now match digital printing requirements for fast job changes and switch to a new task with great flexibility.’

Any configuration of iCoat II is based on proven Tresu flexo technology with genuine Tresu doctor chamber blade and varnish supply technology.


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