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Rotoflex launches VTI and DF1 off line digital finishing solutions

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Rotoflex, the finishing company under the Mark Andy corporate umbrella, has announced the launch of two digital finishers, the DF1 and VTI Series. While both machines offer high speed operation at low costs, they were developed to serve different converter needs.

The DF1 is a semi-rotary off line finishing and converting machine designed to meet the rising demand for short run labels in a simple, fast, precise, and affordable way, allowing converters to accelerate production and profits.

Built on a robust platform with finishing speed up to 228.6 metres per minute for full rotary and 76.2 metres per minute for semi-rotary, with accurate semi-rotary die-cutting functionality, the Rotoflex DF1 is an deal addition for upwards of 80% of label converters worldwide. The quick set-up and dynamic operation allow converters to decorate, die cut, slit, and strip labels in a single step, getting final product out the door faster and more efficiently than using multiple means of finishing.

‘The thought process behind the DF1 came from customer needs to quickly enhance labels and ensure high quality, inspected output in the process,’ said Manohar Dhugga, vice president of operations, Rotoflex.

Relative to the established Rotoflex DF3 model launched at Labelexpo Americas 2018, the DF1 operates similarly, offering high production level speed and 50% faster changeovers than conventional converting systems. The primary differentiators between the DF3 and DF1 platforms are in terms of configurability and price point. The DF3 supports rail mounted converting options and additional print stations, while the DF1 has a single hybrid station that brings finishing and converting to a level of financial accessibility that is unprecedented in the market space.

The VTI Series is an advanced tabletop inishing machine created to ensure conformity with stringent regulations of the pharmaceutical and high security packaging industries.

With a cutting edge operator control system for inspection and finishing, the VTI Series detects and corrects missing labels, remaining matrix, splices, flags, spots, fading and missing colour, and defects in text and registrations. This allow converters to effortlessly inspect, rework, and re-inspect labels, which is especially necessary if the application involves 100% accuracy, variable data, or braille inspection.

‘The exclusive URC 2.0 control system offers multi-lane counting and is the most advanced defect management system available in the market,’ said Manohar. ‘The URC 2.0 increases operator efficiency by reducing set up time and waste through its automated functionality The optional biometric login security feature and online dashboard for data analysis provides for a complete finishing solution.

‘Another important feature of the VTI series is the eDrive 2.0, a system that increases production effectiveness through optimisation of acceleration and deceleration while preserving roll quality and characteristics.’

‘Customer demand has led us to create a more efficient and compact tabletop rewinder to replace the older, outdated models while delivering the high standard of performance known by the Rotoflex brand. The VTI can be integrated with 100% vision inspection systems and with reverse fault placement functionality allows for pharmaceutical grade inspection,’ explained Manohar.

In addition to all features, Rotoflex designed the VTI Series with a user friendly interface and ergonomic design for sit down operation, making it comfortable for converters to smoothly manage operation.

Rotoflex DF1 and VTI machines are available for immediate order, with the first DF1 machine shipping to a US customer this month.

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