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A dash of innovation and a ‘shot’ of sustainable packaging from Parkside

Packaging Solutions

Parkside is the new packaging partner for The Good Snack Company, selected to supply certified compostable packaging for its 25 g ‘shot’ range of nuts and snacks.

Dublin based The Good Snack Company produces nutritious snacks using simple ingredients and states that it is conscious of its carbon footprint, from cultivation to packing. The nut and snack producer reached out to Parkside, as a specialist in sustainable packaging, to develop a pack that would provide excellent product protection and an environmentally responsible choice.

The 25 g ‘shot’ product, packed in a vertical filled flow wrap manufactured from Parkside’s Park2Nature compostable material, is fully accredited by TÜV Austria for compostability. This independent verification confirms that the packaging completely breaks down in specified conditions and timeframes suitable for both industrial and home composting environments. The packaging provides excellent oxygen and moisture barriers to extend the shelf life of the product, an essential component for keeping nuts and snacks fresh and crunchy, whilst also maintaining optimum flavour.

The 25 g Park2Nature packs replace a delisted compostable solution from a previous supplier. The Good Snack Company plans to roll out the new compostable packaging further to incorporate its larger snack packs, currently packed in non recyclable conventional plastics.

Matt Henchie, owner of The Good Snack Company, said: ‘We recognise and appreciate Parkside’s expertise in sustainable, flexible packaging. We have worked closely with its customer accounts team, especially Sharon Bryce, who has expertly supported us throughout the product development process. We are very pleased with the result and look forward to developing our larger snack packs.’

Paul Lenihan, sales account manager at Parkside, commented: ‘We have enjoyed collaborating with The Good Snack Company on this innovation. Although a long term project since March this year, we were confident that Parkside would develop a sustainable solution to fulfil the brief of being environmentally responsible while ensuring outstanding product protection. Small packaging items, like these nut and snacks packs, are particularly suited to our range of compostable solutions because they are too small to recycle but perfect for the home compost bin.’


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