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A guide to TikTok Shop for e-commerce businesses

Packaging Solutions

TikTok boasts over one billion users globally, with almost 44% of users aged 18 to 24, and the majority, 57%, are female.

TikTok burst onto the social media scene during lockdown and it has been making its mark ever since – to the extent that it is one of the most successful social media platforms in recent times. So, it was only a matter of time before it started offering brands the ability to sell via its increasingly powerful platform, with more and more businesses expected to utilise the platform for selling in 2023.

What is TikTok Shop?

The TikTok sales channel allows marketers and business owners to add shopping tabs to a company’s profile. Or, they can link to their brand’s showcase product pages via the TikTok Shop. Customers can buy directly via the platform, with TikTok currently charging a 5% commission per item sold.

Why should businesses be on TikTok Shop?

TikTok Shop is a recent addition to the social media platform, but it is already proving incredibly successful. Just over 21% of consumers who buy products on social media say they do so on TikTok, compared to around 17% who buy from YouTube and Instagram. A Marketing Week survey this year revealed 79% of UK TikTok users had discovered new brands through the social media channel and that 54% had purchased on it. This suggests that TikTok Shop is a great way for businesses of any size to be seen by potential customers, particularly if targeting a younger demographic.

The clothing brand Sani, for example, sells more on TikTok than on any other social media channel or its own website. Around 60% of its revenue, in fact.

But it is not just clothing or homewares that sell well on TikTok – food does well too. Little Moons ice cream saw sales soar by 700% in Tesco alone after their video went viral on the channel.

It shouldn’t prove too great a surprise then to learn that the number of brands using TikTok is expected to increase by 40% by the end of 2022. That is a huge figure and basically means brands who aren’t already listed on TikTok are losing out – especially if their target demographic is within the late teens to early 20s age bracket.

So, if your customers are buying from TikTok shop, then it makes sense to start selling on it.

Why do customers love buying on TikTok Shop?

We can see that people are buying from brands via TikTok Shop – but why?

Customers love using TikTok because it is so easy to buy from the social media channel. They don’t have to leave it, for instance, to go over to the brand’s own website to buy. Even better, they know exactly where to find their chosen item – rather than have to spend time browsing the net. Ultimately, this makes their customer journey easier and the buying process faster and more straightforward. For brands, a better customer experience means greater brand advocacy and a much higher chance of repeat purchases.

The ideal packaging for selling via TikTok Shop

One of the main challenges with selling online is finding fit for purpose packaging. Not only does it have to be resilient enough to withstand delivery and often being shipped halfway around the world, but it has to be brand worthy too. This boasts many benefits, from enhancing customer experiences to boosting brand awareness, as it increases the likelihood that customers will post pictures and positive content on their social media.

Social media users, in particular, are all about experiences and packaging is a surefire way to deliver a positive one. Smurfit Kappa designs flexible, easy to pack and sustainable packaging. From postal to pizza style e-commerce boxes and crash lock to multi-depth – all of its boxes can be tested via the new ISTA Lab. This ensures packaging is strong enough for transit after undergoing rigorous testing processes and stands out visually – giving customers a social media share worthy unboxing experience.


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