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AA Labels produces a gallery of labels for French craft brewers

Label Solutions

AA Labels is helping craft beer and French art reach new audiences by producing labels for a brewery in the South of France.

Fox Hat Craft Brewery is based in the heart of the Minervois wine growing region. It is this location has inspired the team to encourage beer and food pairing, challenging the local perception that beer is just something cold and fizzy and only drunk when people are hot and thirsty.

Fox Hat Craft Brewery – Chapeau de Renard – produces small batches of craft beer to offer a ‘voyage of flavours’ of beers ranging from a light Goze style to a rich chocolate-orange stout.

Building on its local roots, Fox Hat Craft Brewery shares its label space with some of the many artists in the region, helping their art reach a new audience.

It was the requirement to produce such creative labels that led the team to international supplier AA Labels and the range of printing services it offers.

Fox Hat Craft Brewery’s Andrew Blakey commented, ‘We needed a label printer able to produce short runs of high quality water resistant adhesive labels to a custom size with a short delivery time.

‘Not only could AA Labels support us with this, but its website also makes configuring and ordering labels really straightforward.

‘What also stood out was the excellent customer service. Ordering from France can cause difficulties with bank payment systems and the disruption caused by post Brexit regulations has caused some companies to stop delivering to mainland Europe.

‘Not with AA Labels. The company understood and explained how to get products quickly through customs, making the whole process seamless.’

Fox Hat Craft Brewery chose printed labels on rolls with a gloss white polypropylene permanent adhesive, which are designed to withstand the condensation that chilled beverages are exposed to.

The quality of the printed labels was of the utmost importance to the team due to the use of third party artwork.

Andrew added, ‘The artists who we feature on our cans care about the reproduction of their work. Without exception they have been blown away by the print quality and accurate colour reproduction of their artwork on the labels. We look forward to continuing to work with AA Labels.’

Ian Axelsen, business development manager at AA Labels, commented: ‘Quality and print run flexibility were the top priorities for Fox Hat Craft Brewery’s labelling needs.

‘Our team was able to recommend the best materials and printing methods based on these needs, and provide advice on importing labels post Brexit to minimise costs and supply the right information to ensure the goods were not delayed at customs.’


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